Playing with Mudbox

For those of you who don't know, Mudbox, among others, is a 3D sculpting program that supports such high resolution meshs that it allows the user to mold and morph a shape as if sculpting with clay in a digital environment. There is hardly a CG or next-gen video game studio today that doesn't use such a tool at some point in their pipeline, and the studio I'm currently working at is no exception. A couple nights this last week, I stayed after to play around with the newest version of Mudbox and practice my digital sculpting skills. Here are a couple of heads I sculpted.

The first is one I did late last week. I didn't have any reference for this one, and it was the first head sculpt I had done in a long time. I think it took me about 1-1.5 hours to sculpt.

This one I did tonight in about the same amount of time. I used a reference image that I found on the internet. Elderly folk are so fun to sculpt because they have so much visual interest going on in their face. That's a nice, artsy way of saying they have a lot of wrinkles :P