3D Artist's Photoshop Script

This is a great little script written by user Paul MR over at the ps-scripts.com message board that will save any 3D Artist a lot of time in their texturing process. It will automatically save and resize textures you create in Photoshop based on the names of groups in your psd file. For example, if you have a group named "color 512x512" and another group named "bump 1024x512" it will export a color texture at 512x512 res and a bump texture at 1024x512 res. Additionally if any of these groups have a subgroup named "alpha", it will place the contents of the "alpha" group into the alpha channel of the exported texture. These files will be saved as "thePsdFileName_groupName.tif", and will be placed in the same directory that the PSD is located.

Download ps_exportTextures.zip - 4kb