A few days ago, one of my instructors asked me if I was interested in modeling an environment for a commercial he's doing for Columbia Sportswear! He said it wasn't a sure thing that it was going to happen yet, but today he emailed me and said that it's definitely going to happen and offered me $1400 to take the gig!

It almost couldn't have come at a better time with the term ending next week. The work doesn't have to be completely finished till around the 24th, which allows me almost two weeks to do the work without distractions.

I am both super stoked and nervous at the same time. I consider it a huge honor to work with this instructor. He is one of the best I have had and really knows his stuff, and I would hate to let him down, but I am so glad that he of all people offered me this job.

I'll try to post images of the scene as it's completed.