Summer Quarter Synopsis

Hey everyone :)

Finals are finally finished and I figured I would post up images of some of the work I did over the quarter.

First up is my digital sculpting class. All these assignments were done using a program called Zbrush which is a 3D modeling program that lets you work very much as if you were sculpting an object out of clay. It is widely used in the both the game and tv/movie industries as a method of getting more detail into characters, such as wrinkles or skin pores.

The first assignment was just to do a human~ish head. The first one I did turned out pretty good considering it was my first time using Zbrush. See Images below

I also worked on a self portrait model that I had made previously in Maya; another 3Dprogram.

For the final project in the class I made a tripod character that I had concepted for another class.

Now onto my Game Production class. This is actually a class that is spread over 3 quarters in which we will make a fully functional, playable and hopefully enjoyable video game. For this first section we did alot of the conceptual ground work for the game. Many sketches were made for ideas that were eventually decided against but alot of us came up with some pretty impressive pieces of concept art. Here are a few of the concepts I did through out the term.

The idea we eventually decided to go with was a game where the environment was out to get the player, such as plant life.

We decided to go with a female avatar and for a while our game kind of felt like was going the way of Tomb Raider :/

My third class this term was about making board games. Most of the term was just developing new mechanics for currently existing games and materials such as a standard deck of playing cards or a game of checkers. So most of it was writing rules, but finally at the end we were allowed/required to do some art for our game. I think I went a little crazy and ended up pulling a few all nighters getting it done before it was due but here are a few examples of the assets I made up using Adobe Photoshop. It is supposed to be kind of a futuristic battle robot themed hybrid of Magic the Gathering and Settlers of Catan for those of you who know what those are ;)

Here is an example of one of the 3 player pieces

Some cards that players can draw. There are about 180 of these in the game plus 150 resource cards.
Some examples of the 25 triangular tiles that make up the game boardAll this plus box-art ended up costing me about $100 to print at Kinkos but it was worth it to see the finished product. When I get it back from the instructor next term I will probably post up some photos of it all set up ;)

Another class that had some Photoshop was Level Design. In this class we basically made several level designs for a few different genres of games. Most of them included some form of concept art, a list of points of interest and a top down view. This class wasn't incredibly exciting since I mostly want to do character work, but we did get to play Unreal Tournament 2004 (computer game) for like 3 days out of the quarter. We called it "research" ;)

Here's concept image that I busted out for an earlier assignment.

This is an example of what a top down view looked like. This one was for my final.

This is an idea of what the finished final kind of looked like. The dimensions of the mat board were something like 20x32 .

Last but not least is Advanced Animation. The homework for this class takes ALLOT of time, and fortunately the instructor knew that and gave us some leeway. Most of the stuff (as you'll see) isn't very polished and I would even go as far as to say it wasn't finished. For the most part I barely had enough time to get the key-poses finished. If I have time later I may revisit some of these because I did have allot of fun making them but for now here is a compilation of what I managed to get done by the due dates.