Anybody in my industry should know that keeping regular backups of your work is vital, and if you don't, your just setting your self up for some hard times.

klh_backup.bat is a Windows batch file that I made for backing up my very important documents and school files. It will back up any folders that are designated in the list.txt file, and will also compare the source and destination directories and move any files that do not exist in the source path to a ".deleted" directory in the back up location. This provides an added level of protection in case you accidentally deleted something you didn't intend to prior to back up. Finally, it generates log files so that you can double check what was backed up and deleted. The back up operation makes use of the Windows Command Prompt's XCOPY command and will only pull files from the source that do not exist or are newer than the files in the back up drive. This makes the whole operation much faster after the first time it is run.

The one catch is that the source and destination file paths will have to be exactly the same, example: C:\myFolder\stuff can be backed up to D:\myFolder\stuff but D:\myBackup\myFolder\stuff would not work.

The great thing about batch files is that they use Windows' built in functionality. This means that you don't have to install any third party software which is awesome if you plan to use it with multiple computers. If you ever want to get rid of it, all you have to do is delete the file. It will work on Windows XP and Vista and installation is as simple as copying the batch file and the list.txt file on to your back up drive and specifying some simple parameters. It's all outlined in the Readme.txt. You can also make use of the Windows Task Schedular to set up regular automatic backups with this whenever you want.

Download klh_backup.zip - 2Kb