So what happened to that Hug guy after graduation?

The quick answer is I moved in with my mom. That's right! Big Woop! Wanna Fight About it!

It made sense though seeing as how one of the circumstances of the job I had was that when I was no longer in school, I was also no longer employed. No job leads to no money. No money leads to no rent. No rent leads to the dark side... which in this case I guess is no place to live, but ok, forget the stupid Star Wars reference. Anyway, it all worked out because I got a car out of the deal.

Check out my epic mount!

She forked out about $5,000 for it as sort of a graduation present. It's a 2003 Kia Rio in very good condition. It only has about 15,000 miles on it, and comes with a 6 disk CD changer (who uses CD's anymore though? srlsy), 16 inch wheels (soon to be traded to Les Schwab for snow tires & wheels), but most importantly it gets around 30 mpg on the Highway and has an EPA Green House Gas Emission score of 8 out of 10, not bad eh?

Myth (My cat) is taking to the new area quite well. She actually has a window to look out of now and a much bigger space to run around in. Though being the overprotective jerk that I am, I don't let her out of the house much.

Myth scoping out her new pimping territory...

...keeping watch on her hos through the window...

Myth's new pimping grounds

Myth's new ho, Baxter

Myth's new ho, Canuck

And last but not least the dark little corner of the house where I spend 90% of my time.

Phat Lewts!

As far as what's been going on, it's been a rough month. I've lost Grandpas on both sides of my family in that time. The first of which, as most of you know, was lost the week before graduation. The second was lost the week following. Needless to say it made it a bitter sweet event, but I know both of them would be proud of me and wouldn't want me to dwell with everything else going on. So I've been able to get through it as good as can be expected, but the hardest part has been seeing my parents and aunts and uncles going through it.

On the upside, I've got a few freelance projects going on. One about to start through a company here in Idaho called Intralot, another one with Liquid Development and lastly an ongoing one with Jason Baskin's company, 3D Central. I'm really digging freelance work and will probably continue to do freelance on the side if/when I get a full time position somewhere.