My first job out of school, and what a great job it is

Just about everyone by now can recognize the character above, even most people who don't play video games. He is of course the Master Chief from the now infamous X-Box game franchise Halo; games known for being so popular and selling so many copies that they've smashed not only game sales records but box office records as well. Bungie, the company behind this game industry behemoth has just offered me a job, and I couldn't be more excited. After a very fun art test and a somewhat rocky telephone interview, I could barely sleep or think about anything else. Fortunately they got back to me with in a day, and offered me an on-site contract position that will run 6-12 months with very decent pay for my level of experience. I would be very lucky if at any point in my career I got a job at a company like Bungie, which has inspired me so much. The fact that I got it in my first job search out of school makes me feel like I've just won the lottery.

Bungie's next game, Halo 3: Recon is a prequel/spin-off of the previously released Halo games in which you play as a different character. It's too early to tell if this is the project that I will be working on for certain, but it's very likely and would just be the "cherry on top" of this whole incredible situation.

I'm set to start December 1st, so I've already started looking for places to live in the Seattle, Kirkland area.

Here are some images of the art test that I had to submit.